Composition and Method of Making Sago Flour Layer Cake from Pondan Premix Did you know that making layer cakes, which are typical Indonesian snacks, can now be done easily. The reason is that there is already a foundation layered with sago flour which can simplify the process of making the layer cake.

The unique and delicious taste of layer cakes as a traditional dish from the motherland, you can make with an easy process. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort to be able to feel the delicious sensation of a layer cake made from sago flour.

The uniqueness of the layer cake comes from the unique color and texture of the cake. Usually making one layer cake can take quite a long time. However, now Pondan has succeeded in presenting a cake premix sago flour layer which makes the process of making the cake easier. windows movie maker crack artlantis crack reason 12 crack vector magic crack

Made with a complete composition, this Pondan sago flour layer cake is worth it for you to have. Some of these interesting compositions include: granulated sugar, sago flour, cornstarch, salt, vanilla and pandan flavours, as well as safe food coloring.

The food coloring that is embedded in this Pondan product is CI 42090 diamond blue dye and also Tartazin CI 19140. All compositions presented in this premix are definitely safe and halal.


Not only being able to make a cake premix layered with sago flour with an extraordinary composition, another advantage that can be felt by its users is the process of making the layer cake itself .

How to make layer cakes using flour is of course quite easy. You only need to mix the vanilla sago flour layer premix with coconut milk then stir until evenly distributed, do the same for the premix which has Pandan flavor.

Then pour one of the mixtures into the tin that has been greased with oil before, wait between 5-7 minutes for the dough to cook. After that, if the first mixture has been cooked, pour the mixture with a different flavor on it again, steam again

Do this process until the dough runs out. To make the layer look prettier, you can add other coloring at the very top of the layer cake.

That’s interesting information about the premix of the cake sago flour layer from Pondan, good luck and happy creations.

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