Confused How to Choose Pineapple?

Confused in Choosing Pineapple? Here’s How

Pondan.comWho among the mom & sis who likes to choose pineapple confused? In matters of buying fruits, of course, we must be observant and careful, yes mom & sis so that the fruits we buy can be assured of good quality. High-quality fruit is guaranteed and also can produce delicious preparations as well. Well, so as not to be mistaken when buying a pineapple, you can consider the following tips.

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Choose Pineapple

Pineapple that is ripe and still fresh has a characteristic golden yellow or greenish-yellow color, depending on the type of pineapple. Fresh pineapple has fresh green leaves that are dense in the head or crown. When you smell it, the ripe pineapple has a sweet and aromatic aroma.

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Check the pineapple’s body and bottom. Pineapple that is still fresh and goodwill feel hard and not harsh if pressed. Also make sure the skin and eyes of the pineapple are bright, shiny, and that no part of the pineapple’s body looks bruised or moldy.

Although it looks sturdy, pineapple is a fruit that decomposes relatively quickly. Therefore, avoid choosing a pineapple that looks dry, wilted, and wrinkled. It could be that it is a pineapple that has been stored for too long since it was harvested and it will later affect the taste that is no longer prime.

Ripe Pineapple Vs. Young Pineapple?

If you want young or thick pineapple, you can choose pineapple whose skin still looks completely green, or ask the seller directly. But if mom & sis are thinking of buying young pineapples and then ripening them to maturity, you should not do this.

Memilih Nanas

Pineapple is different from other fruits because pineapple has no starch content. Starch in fruits functions as a sweet tastemaker. Starch will continue to ripen the fruit even though the fruit has long been picked from the tree. When the ripening process takes place, the starch content in the fruit then turns into sugar.

In pineapple, such a thing will not happen. Once the pineapple is picked from the tree, at that moment the fruit maturation process ends. Even if you squeeze a young pineapple for any time even the color of the skin turns yellow, your pineapple will not turn sweet at all. Your pineapple will still taste sour or even become unpleasant because pineapple becomes fermented and decomposed.

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