Corn Starch: What Is It For in Baking?

Corn Starch: What Is It For in Baking? | – Cakes have become a mandatory dessert for many people. Not only for consumption, cakes can also improve the mood of those who eat them, especially if the cake has a soft texture and tastes delicious.

But to make the perfect cake texture is tricky, because you have to know the ingredients and the character. So, it can not be arbitrarily estimated. However, you don’t have to worry about making this soft cake texture, because now the key is no longer a secret.

Yes, to create a soft cake texture, for example in sponge cakes or crispy textures in pastries, cornstarch is often the key. Cornstarch itself is often used to keep meat juicy.

What is Corn Starch?

The term corn starch or known as ‘maizena’ in Indonesia comes from Mexico which refers to the name of a flour product made from corn kernels. The flour produced from corn kernels is whiter in color than wheat flour in general.

Corn flour is used by the community as a thickening agent for liquid-based foods, such as soups. If mixed with cold water, this cornstarch or cornstarch can be formed into a dough.

Its water-binding nature makes cornstarch can be mixed into food ingredients for frying, such as nuggets. Later, the texture of the nuggets will be more crunchy.

Corn Starch Use and Ingredients

What is the function of cornstarch in baking? Along with the times, cornstarch can now be used for various purposes, such as making dip or sauce, and even used as a mixture in the process of making cakes, especially pastries.

Nastar, kastengel, snow white cakes can be made using a mixture of cornstarch to keep the texture crisp and not sluggish.

About the vitamin content in cornstarch is also quite a lot and is beneficial for your body. As is known, corn is a secondary crop commodity, which contains a variety of minerals, including Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, to Vitamin C.

Not only that, corn also contains high levels of phosphorus, calcium, and potassium and is useful for strengthening the gel.

Tips on Using Corn Starch in Baking

But remember, the dose of cornstarch must be considered. Do not let you pour too much cornstarch, which in the end can make the texture of the cake erratic. Enough 10-20 percent of wheat flour, yes.

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