3 Viral Donuts You Must Try

viral donuts

Viral Donuts

Viral Donuts | pondan.com – There are many kinds of donuts. The taste is not always sweet, there are also salty and savory donuts. Some unique donuts went viral and hunted by many people. Below, there are three donuts that were viral in 2013, 2016, and 2018. Have you tried them all?

Cronut ( Viral Donuts )

viral donuts

Cronut is a combination of two names, croissant and donut. As the name suggests, cronut is a croissant in the form of a donut. Cronut was created by pastry chef Dominique Ansel, owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York.

Dominique Ansel has tried about ten different recipes for two months to get the perfect Cronut recipe. As soon as it went on sale in 2013, New Yorkers were willing to queue for 2 hours to get a cronut.

Now there is no need to go far to New York to enjoy cronut, cake shops in Indonesia have provided cronut or you can try making it yourself. And remember, cronut can only last a maximum of 6 hours before deflating again. So it must be eaten immediately.

Sushi Donuts ( Viral Donuts )

viral donuts

Sushi donuts are rice that are shaped like donuts and are given slices of fish and other sushi ingredients. Will Bates, a sushi restaurant chef in South Carolina, got the idea of ​​making sushi in the form of donuts after seeing videos about it on the internet. Nobody knows who created the food that went viral in 2016.

If you want to make donut sushi at home, it is not much different from making sushi in general. The difference is in the shape. This sushi is not rolled, but is form in donut mold. Not only is the shape unique, sushi donuts can be decorated as beautifully as you want. Hmm, so it’s a shame to be eaten, isn’t it?

Indomie Goreng Donuts Viral Donuts )

viral donuts

Indomie donuts are Indomie brand fried instant noodles which are form like donuts and then fried. This unique donut creation was originally a collaborative project of Donut Papi, a donut producer in Sydney, with Indomie Australia in May 2018. Indomie donuts were then went viral in Indonesia and the local version appeared with various other types of instant fried noodles.

No need to go to Australia or queue for hours, you can make it yourself at home. Cook your favorite instant fried noodles and season them as usual. Then add another filling such as mozzarella cheese or chopped spring onion and add the beaten egg. Pour into a donut mold then steam or chill in the refrigerator. After noodles shaped like donut, dip it in flour, eggs, and bread flour. Fry until golden brown and donut fried noodles are ready to be enjoyed.

Making donuts yourself is rather complicated. The process take long time and taste is kinda of questionable. Luckily there is ready-to-use donut flour from Pondan. You only need to add additional ingredients such as butter and eggs to ready-made flour. Easy, tasty, and will not fail. Get Pondan products at the nearest supermarket or e-commerce like Tokopedia, BukaLapak, and Shopee. Let’s be creative with Pondan!

viral donuts



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