Creative Cake Making? Use Multipurpose Steamed Sponge Flour Providing food—especially snacks—is a challenge in itself. What’s more, when it comes to hygiene and the ingredients contained. It’s the easiest and most man to make your own snacks, let alone using flour multipurpose steamed sponge.

The composition of the versatile steamed sponge flour

Ingredients are indeed a separate consideration in making food, especially cakes. However, not with multi-purpose steamed sponge flour because it is made from selected ingredients that are original and pure. Not only that, the ingredients are also processed naturally and without a GMO process, you know.

Interestingly, this cake flour is different from other flours, you know. Because, the composition contained in it is not just wheat flour. There’s also cornstarch and vegetable emulsifiers.

Besides that, this multipurpose steamed sponge flour also contains other cake-making ingredients. There are powdered sugar, baking powder, vanilla flavor, and milk cream powder in its composition. With this one flour, it covers almost all the ingredients for making cakes, right?

The advantages of using multipurpose steamed sponge flour

As explained above, this cake flour is different. Of course, not without reason because there are several advantages it has. So, what, really, makes this cake flour different from other flours?

  1. There are recipes

This cake flour is packed not only with plastic, but also covered with cardboard. Interestingly, on the box there is not only the composition, but also a recipe, you know. So, if you are confused about what to make, just follow the recipe.

  1. Can be creative

Even though it’s called steamed sponge, this cake flour is also versatile, you know. So, not only can it be used for steamed cakes, but also for baked cakes. What’s more, it’s not just one type, but many kinds of sponge, you know.

With the presence of flour multipurpose steamed sponge, it’s very easy to make cakes, right? What’s more, there aren’t many ingredients to prepare, right? The price is also affordable to make your own snacks, you know.

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