Croquembouche, The Tower of Soes Cake from France

France is a paradise for delicious cakes, like this cake called Croquembouche for example. The stack of soes cakes that are arranged conical upwards and glued together with caramel to keep them together and look beautiful. Then what is the story of this pretty cake?

Croquembouche – [ via ]
The Origin of Croquembouche

Starting from the word croque-en-bouche which means ‘crispy in the mouth’ in French, this sweet dish is one of the variants of choux pastry-based cake creations. This dish was first discovered by Antonin Carême, a French chef who is also a famous high-class cook. The recipe was first published by Carême in his recipe book entitled Le Pâtissier royal parisien in 1815.

Croquembouche as Christmas treat - [ via ]
Croquembouche sebagai hidangan Natal – [ via ]
This cake was once a display art that was only served at a fancy dinner banquet. Only the royal family and the nobles can display it at their banquet. As the times change, especially in Italy and France, the soes cake creations are still in great demand and are often used as symbolic dishes on big occasions such as wedding cakes or Christmas dishes. The classic version of Croquembouche usually only consists of the arrangement of the soes cake towers which are woven by caramels around it while the present version involves other decorations such as flowers, fruit, chocolate ganache, etc.

How to Make Croquembouche

Although the ingredients for making creations from this choux pastry are quite easy to obtain, it takes precision and creativity when arranging the soes into towers so that the results can be arranged perfectly beautiful.

To make it, first prepare a few pieces of soes and melted caramel. Caramel can be made by melting sugar with water slowly on the pan until the sugar thickens and turns brown. Also prepare nuts, pearl decorations, flower decorations, or strawberry fruit pieces for additional decoration.

Croquembouche pink dengan hiasan macarons dan meringue - [ via ]
Croquembouche pink dengan hiasan macarons dan meringue – [ via ]
To arrange it, dip a portion of the cake into a liquid caramel that has been prepared while arranging it on a plate one at a time. After resembling a cone, decorate the composition of the soes cake by sprinkling the remaining caramel. Pour the caramel slowly while spinning it on top of the cake arrangement to create a smooth web like a cobweb around the cake. Finally, add other decorations that have been prepared before so that it looks more beautiful to serve.

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