Cupcake lover? Let’s Get Creative With Vanilla Cupcake Premix from Pondan Known for successfully releasing a number of premixes that help creative cooking lovers, Pondan even has a cupcake vanilla premix. It is a perfect choice for cupcake fans, especially those with vanilla flavour.

The premix of this one is certainly not an arbitrary product, presented to facilitate the process of making cupcakes and to make many people love to be creative. Made wholeheartedly with perfect packaging and composition, you will regret it if you don’t try it.

Then what are the compositions of this vanilla cupcake premix? in one premix package there is wheat flour, granulated sugar, powdered cream milk, sodium bicarbonate developer, phosphate stabilizer, vegetable emulsifier, vanilla natural identical flavor, and food coloring, namely Tartazin and Yellow.

With such a complete composition, it’s no wonder that many people choose to use this premix when they want to make delicious cupcakes. But with a fast and simple manufacturing process.

How simple is the creation process? Of course it’s very simple. However, before discussing the manufacturing process, there are a number of additional ingredients that you must prepare to complete the cupcake batter to make it more perfect.

You will need 4 eggs, water and melted margarine. Only when all the ingredients are available is it time for the manufacturing process.

In the first stage you have to start by preheating the oven, after that beat the eggs for 2 minutes at high speed, add premix flour vanilla cupcake plus 3 spoons eat water.

After that, beat the dough again for about 7 minutes, of course using a mixer at high speed. If so, it’s time for you to add the melted margarine and stir until evenly distributed

When it’s finished, the next step is that you can directly put the dough into the cupcake molds you have. Put it in the oven and wait for 25 minutes. One pack of this vanilla cupcake premix can produce 20 cupcakes. You can also create cupcake toppings as you like and taste.

Then that’s an interesting review about the premix vanilla cupcake from pondan that you can create easily and simply.

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