Delicious Chocolate Pancakes Mix Menu Simple For Breakfast Want to try a delicious and simple Western-style breakfast menu? Try the Chocolate Pancake Mix menu from Pondan. Delicious taste, how to make it is also very easy. Especially for those of you who don’t have much time.

Especially for those who want breakfast but not too heavy. Moreover, Pancakes from Pondan have many advantages. What are the advantages? Try to find out the following information.

Advantages of Mixed Chocolate Pancakes from Pondan


The way to make it simple and practical is one of its strengths. Especially when it comes to breakfast, you definitely like something simple and not complicated. So, it’s really mandatory for those who want to make pancakes as their breakfast menu.

Cooking is simple without taking too much time. So it will be very suitable for those who don’t have much time.

Delicious Taste

It is certain that this Chocolate Pancake Mix has a delicious taste. Especially the rich chocolate flavour. This will be the yummiest breakfast. Especially if added with a splash of chocolate. It will add to the delicious taste.

Because the materials used are premium quality. Of course, the taste you will get will be very delicious.

Soft Texture

Because the material is very premium. It is certain that the taste that will be obtained is very delicious. The texture will also definitely be super soft, when it enters the mouth.

You definitely won’t get this soft texture in Pancakes from Pondan. During the first bite, of course, it will taste very soft, combined with the delicious chocolate taste.

Add Toppings to Make It More Delicious

Even without additional toppings, the taste is delicious. However, if given additional toppings will further increase the enjoyment. You can try fresh fruit topping.

You can also add chocolate or honey topping. With the addition of this topping, the taste of your chocolate pancakes will taste even more delicious.

Those are some of the advantages of Chocolate Pancake Mix from Pondan. For those who like a simple but delicious breakfast menu. You can try this pancake recipe right away. Affordable prices but delicious taste is a must for you to try

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