What’s the difference between Pudding Custard and Mousse?

Pudding Custard dan Mousse

Pudding Custard dan Mousse

Pudding Custard dan Mousse | pondan.com – Pudding, mousse and custard are desserts that both use milk and sugar as basic ingredients. This often makes people confused, especially for those who want to cook it. In fact, the consistency and texture of the three desserts are very different. Mom and sis, let’s take a loot at the explanation below.

  • PUDDING (Difference pudding custard and mouse)

pudding custard and mouse 

Pudding is generally made by cooking milk and sugar together and then add cornstarch flour to thicken the mix. Cornstarch flour makes the consistency turn to semi solid and creamy texture. In some recipes, rice flour, tapioca, chia seeds, and gelatin are used as thickener. Pudding is usually served cold, but can also be served warm or at room temperature.

  • MOUSSE  (difference Pudding Custard dan Mousse)

Pudding Custard dan Mousse

Mousse is made by beating egg whites or whipped cream with cold milk and sugar. The whipping process makes the consistency of the mousse smoother and the texture lighter than pudding. Mousse has various versions, such as vegan, without milk, and replaces one ingredient with other, healthier ingredients, such as whipped avocado. Mousse is usually served cold or frozen.

  • CUSTARD  (difference Pudding Custard dan Mousse)

Pudding Custard dan Mousse

Custard is made by cooking milk and sugar and adding whole eggs to thicken the mix. When finished cooking and cooling, custard becomes solid, consistency jiggly, and texture like silk. Custard also comes with a fruit flavor or topped with chopped fruits to make it more delicious.

Difference between Custard, Pudding and Mousse
These three foods, namely custard, pudding, and mousse are thick and soft desserts. It tastes delicious to eat and is served cold. While pudding is made by mixing milk and sugar together with cornmeal or flour, pudding uses eggs as a dough binder. While in mousse, ingredients are replaced with whippedcream whips, in addition to the use of milk and sugar. There are also various savory flavors from these three culinary offerings but these three dishes are more popular served with sweetness.

Mom and sis are not confused anymore with the difference between pudding, mousse and custard. The way it cook sounds a bit complicated, but now there is instant ingredients like pudding mix from Pondan. It’s so easy to cook, just simply boiled or given hot water and completed with vla sauce. Available in vanilla, chocolate, mango, and strawberry flavors that are definitely favored by family!

Pudding Custard dan Mousse Pudding Custard dan Mousse Pudding Custard dan Mousse Pudding Custard dan Mousse




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