5 Things To Upgrade Brownies More Tasty!

Do These 5 Things To Upgrade Brownies More Tasty!

Are you bored with classic brownies? Besides being able to be enjoyed in a classic form, there are actually many ways to make your brownies even more delicious you know. You can upgrade brownies to become more special by adding ingredients that are easily available, as quoted from tasty.co below:

1. Peanut Butter

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Brownies with peanut butter – [ via tasty.co ]

Chocolate and nuts are really a good combination. Now for those of you who like the combination of nuts and chocolate in your brownies, you can add a spoonfuls of peanut butter on top of your brownies mixture before putting it in the oven. Stir in the peanut butter that has been poured over the brownies mixture in a motion like spreading jam with a jam knife or toothpick, until it is mixed with the top, then bake your brownies as usual.

2. Cookies and Cream

Brownies with biscuits – [ via tasty.co ]

Enjoying brownies with a piece of cookie in it turned out not a bad idea. Like this brownie upgrade recipe for example. Add a few pieces of cookies and cream on top of your brownies mixture before baking it. Not only is it more beautiful, you can also enjoy two delicious brownies and cookies in every bite.

3. Cream Cheese

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Brownies with cheesecake – [ via tasty.co ]

The savory of cream cheese can be taste delicious when combined with the sweetness of the brownies. The trick, shake a packet of cream cheese with 70g of granulated sugar, an egg and a few drops of vanilla essence in a separate container before pouring it into a baking pan that contains the brownie mixture. First, stir the surface of the dough slowly with a jam knife, the top only, so that the dough of cream cheese and brownies can coalesce and create a beautiful motif when bake later.

4. Nuts, Caramel and Choco Chips

Brownies with caramel, nuts, and choco chips – [ via tasty.co ]

To make your brownies look more beautiful and attractive, upgrade your brownies by sprinkling a few pieces of caramel candy, chopped nuts, and choco chips onto your brownie mixture before baking it. Not only does it make your brownies look even more tempting, the stickiness of caramel and the crispness of peanuts can also make the sensation of eating your brownies even more delicious and exciting!

5. Marshmallow

upgrade brownies

Brownies with marshmallows, chocolate and oatmeal biscuits – [ via tasty.co ]

The softness of marshmallows when combined with the softness of brownies can apparently be a unique blend. Like this one brownie creations. Sprinkle pieces of marshmallows plus a few pieces of block chocolate and crushed oatmeal crackers over your freshly baked brownies baking sheet, then bake again for just 2 minutes before serving. Not only is it more delicious, the appearance of marshmallows and chocolate that just melts a little on your brownies is guaranteed to make you impatient to taste it immediately!

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Source: tasty.co

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