Donuts, Delicious Cakes Uniquely Shaped and Easy to Make – Food is one of the cultural treasures of mankind. Some of them have grown to all corners of the world and often develop with special characteristics. While some others still have almost the same characteristics and taste unchanged, one of which is donuts.

Donuts are cake foods made from the main ingredient in the form of wheat flour, but there are also donuts made from other ingredients such as potatoes. The main ingredients will be made a dough together with sugar, yeast, butter and egg yolks.

Techniques and ingredients for making donuts continue to develop along with technological developments and the culinary tastes of the world community. However, there is one characteristic of donuts that doesn’t seem to be changing, namely its shape. Donut dough will generally be made in the form of a ring which eventually results in the shape of a cake with a hole in the middle.

Getting to Know the History of Donuts 

As a culinary product that is popular all over the world, the history of donuts is difficult to trace. There are several versions of the origin of donuts that are often the subject of debate. One version of the history of donuts says this food came from the Netherlands and was brought by immigrants from that country to the Americas, especially in North America.

While another version says the donut was created by a Hanson Gregory, a Danish ship captain. He made a cake that could be carried while driving the ship so as to create a hollow shape in the middle so that it could be placed on the handle of the ship’s steering wheel.

No matter whose version of history is correct, the fact that donuts are a popular food favored by people around the world is something that cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, the name or designation of donuts was first recorded in the book History of New York written by Washington Irving. He mentioned the existence of small ball-shaped cakes as donuts in 1809. The name also appeared several times in newspaper articles, such as in the Los Angeles Times on August 10, 1929 and in The New York Times on October 9, 1939.

Meanwhile, donuts were first recorded in Indonesian culinary history when in 1968 there was a booth called American Donut at the Djakarta Fair which later became the Jakarta Fair. It was this brand that pioneered donut products with the fried cooking method and later also became one of the culinary traditions at the Jakarta Fair. Then several donut brands began to appear, both international donut brands and donut products from within the country.

How to Make Donuts

In general, there are two methods of making donuts that are commonly done, the first method is to fry them and the second method is to use the grill. While the donut dough ingredients are generally the same even though they are cooked in different ways.

Making donuts can be done in an easy and even very practical way. In addition to making the dough manually using wheat flour, egg yolks, sugar, milk, yeast and margarine; it turns out that there are products that make donuts that can be used directly, such as Indo Donut products from Pondan.

Premix donut flour can be a practical and fail-proof option because it is very easy to use. This donut dough flour already contains yeast so you just need to add margarine, egg yolk and water to the recommended size, so donut dough can be made quickly and easily.

After that, the donut dough is just fried or baked as desired. Just add toppings, then delicious donuts are ready to eat. Good luck!

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