Easy and Anti-melting, 4 Tips for Making Soft Pondan Ice Cream

pondan.com Who likes ice cream? Of course, most people would like this one snack. No wonder many are curious to make delicious, soft, and practical pondan ice cream.

One ​​of people’s favorite foods, now there are various types of ice cream out there at affordable prices. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make your own without fear of failure.

Maybe not everyone can make their own ice cream and think how to make it difficult and often fails. No wonder people prefer to buy rather than make their own.
Even though not all ice cream that is circulating is really quality and safe, so it is better to make your own. By applying the following tips, of course, making ice cream is easier and guaranteed to fail.
Prepare Materials and Equipment

The first tip you should pay attention to is the selection of the right and quality materials so that it should not be arbitrary. Like using Pondan’s Magic Ice Cream, which has guaranteed quality and is available in many variants.

Use Full Cream Milk

One ​​of them is the use of full cream milk as a substitute for using ice water so that the texture is denser and highly nutritious. Therefore, replace ice water with milk during the process of making soft and fail-proof ice cream and add some fruit.

Use Stabilizer and Emulsifier

No less important than the use of full cream milk for a better and denser texture is the use of emulsifiers and stabilizers. Use emulsifiers and stabilizers that are guaranteed halal and of good quality to make them denser and not easy to melt.

Use Mixer and Store in Freezer

Mix the ingredients with a mixer or blender, it will be softer and thicker to the maximum. After that, store it in the freezer so that the ice cream solidifies faster and doesn’t melt easily before eating

Those are some tips to make soft homemade ice cream in an easy and fail-safe way so it’s more practical. You can visit the nearest minimarket or on the marketplace page to buy pondan ice cream in various variants.

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