Enjoying Nastar Cakes All Year Long

pondan.com Enjoying pineapple cakes, who doesn’t know pineapple cakes? Nastar cakes are often encountered on big holidays. Like on Eid, the thing that must be in the jar is nastar. It’s like something is missing if there isn’t this round cake.

Behind a culture there must be nastar on Eid day, there is a unique fact behind it. Many think that nastar is included in the type of pastries. However, nastar is included in wet cakes. This is because of its moist and soft texture. Meanwhile, the texture of the pastries is crunchy and dry. Nastar also turns out to come from the Dutch language, namely “ananas” and “tartjess” or called tart. So, the meaning of nastar is cake from pineapple.

Indonesia is a former Dutch colony. This makes some of the people’s culture influenced by the former colonial countries. Therefore enjoying nastar cakes has existed since the Dutch colonial era.

The hallmark of the nastar cake is the soft and sweet pineapple filling. The combination of the crunchy outer nastar with the melted pineapple jam filling makes nastar a favorite of many people. Nastar cakes are also synonymous with their small round flattened shape at the bottom, one bite size, with the top layer being shiny yellow egg yolk.

For most people, nastar can only be enjoyed during Eid celebrations. Because the ingredients are quite a lot and most nastar are only sold seasonally. However, don’t worry because now you can easily make nastar cakes with ingredients that have been prepared in one Pondan product. So you can practically make pineapple cakes. No need to refine sugar, melt butter and others.

Pondan provides one product to make nastar cakes practically. Pondan nastar cake products or various other variants are very easy to get at the nearest mini market or if you are lazy to go out, you can get them at your favorite marketplace. To enjoy nastar cakes in various seasons throughout the year Pondan is the solution.

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