How to buy Pondan Product Online ?

Pondan product available online at :

How do make a purchase payment online?

Make a payment in accordance with the terms & conditions in the existing Online Store / Marketplace

How to contact marketing for bulk purchase?

Call Pondan Team Marketing :

Danarsih +62 821-1004-8215
Anita +62 813-1437-1255

Where buy Pondan products other than through online?

Hypermart, Alfa, Giant, Hero, AEON, Yogya, Lotte Mart, HariHari, TipTop, Naga, AB Furtuna, Mini Super, Soho, Diamond, Farsmer, dan others supermarket

Where find out the price of a particular product?

Can be asked in our FB and Instagram account or click :

If the product is found in the store, can buy the product directly at Pondan Factory?

Yes, PONDAN Products Can be directly in order from Factory. Please contact our team and can be picked up / sent from: Jl. Industry VII No. 12 Block M, Pasir Jaya Village – Kec. Jatiuwung Tangerang – Banten