Find Out 3 things about Vanilla Flavor

Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Vanilla Flavor

Pondan.comVanilla is one of the most widely used flavors in food in the world. Almost all people, both young and old, like the sweet taste and sweet aroma of this flavor. But mom & sis do you know, what exactly vanilla is ?

Vanilla, or also known as vanilla, comes from one of a kind of orchid plant called Vanilla planifolia syn. V. fragrans which only flower a few hours each year. This plant produces beans-like fruit that contains vanilla seeds. After ripe, the fruits containing these vanilla seeds are harvested by hand before then preserved for about 3 to 6 months to get a distinctive vanilla aroma.

Mom & sis, do you know Are there 3 types of vanilla that can be used as a flavor enhancer in cooking? Well, for more details, see the review as follows.

  1. Biji Vanila aka Vanilla Bean. 

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Vanilla seeds are commonly used as fragrances and natural flavor enhancers of food. Vanilla seeds are the most expensive type of vanilla because in addition to being quite difficult to find, the resulting aroma and taste are also more complex and deeper. Dry, chop it with a knife and then take the vanilla seeds to use as an aroma and flavor. Just by using a little you can get a strong vanilla aroma.

  1. Vanilla Extract

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Apart from directly using vanilla fruit, you can also get vanilla flavor by using extra vanilla. Vanilla extract is made from vanilla marinade in ethanol and water solution then soak for several months until the liquid turns brown with a distinctive vanilla aroma. If you are looking for an alcohol-free vanilla extract, you can also get vanilla extract made from a vegetable glycerin bath.

  1. Vanilla Essence

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Mom & sis definitely know vanilla powder. Well vanilla powder is also one form of vanilla essence on the market. Unlike vanilla extract, vanilla essence is usually obtained from chemical synthetic processes to mimic the aroma of vanilla. In Indonesia, the essence of vanilla is easily available on the market with a fairly affordable price. However, if using too much vanilla essence can usually cause an unpleasant bitter taste, therefore its use must be considered.

Whatever its type, vanilla is most suitable for adding flavor and aroma to the making of cakes and ice cream. Well, for moms and sis who love the taste of vanilla, Pondan also has cake flour and ice cream ready for your vanilla flavor! How to make it practical and the results are guarantee delicious. Visit your favorite pondan or e-commerce website to get the Pondan product you want. Come on, be creative with Pondan!


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