Fresh Honey Durian Ice Cream Honey durian ice cream is a type of solid food made by freezing flour. Where there is a mixture of milk, animal or vegetable fat, and sugar which can be mixed with various flavors.

During hot or dry season, ice cream is much sought after by many people to refresh. Of course you can also make it yourself at home for your family, including your children.

By making your own ice cream at home, you can be sure it’s safer and hygienic. So you don’t need to worry about your child eating random snacks. You can also easily add flavors according to your taste and desire, one of the fresh taste suggestions.

Honey Durian Ice Cream with PONDAN Magic Ice Cream

If you intend to make durian ice cream with honey, then you can use one of the ingredients to make it easier and more practical. All you have to do is use PONDAN Magic Ice Cream, some even have Durian flavour.

By using this ice cream powder, you don’t need to prepare a lot of ingredients.

Ingredients for Making Honey Durian Ice Cream

Here are the ingredients you will need to make Honey Durian Ice Cream.

  • PONDAN Magic Ice Cream Durian (instant ice cream powder)
  • 150cc ice water
  • 3-5 sachets of honey (your flavor variant adjusts)

How to Make Honey Durian Ice Cream

To make Durian Ice Cream with honey jam topping is quite easy and practical

  • First of all mix PONDAN Magic Ice Cream Durian with 150cc of ice water.
  • Then beat for 5-10 minutes at high speed using a mixer or you can use a hand whisk until the ice cream mixture is fluffy and thick.
  • Then pour the ice cream mixture into a ready-to-eat container.
  • Then all you have to do is put it in the freezer to freeze for 3-5 hours.
  • After waiting 3-5 hours and freezing, when ready to serve you pour some honey over the ice cream.
  • And Honey Durian Ice Cream ready to serve

Durian Ice Cream with honey mixture is perfect to eat during the day, besides being sweet and cold with a mix of durian and honey flavors it can make you drink it fresh.

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