Here Are Top 5 Tips to Steaming Cakes

Steaming a cake may look easier compared to baking it. What’s more, in Indonesia there are also many types of cakes that you can make by steaming. But you should mind several things so that you can cook a cake perfectly. There are several steps you must do when steaming a cake.

Adjust the size of the pan

The true steaming technique utilizes hot water vapor as a medium to cook food. In order for a perfectly cook cake, of course, the circulation of hot steam must be able to move smoothly freely. Therefore, choose a pan that fits the amount of capacity with the quantity of cake that you will steam so it can cook perfectly.

Tips Mengukus Kue - Panci Kukus - [ via ]
Tips Mengukus Kue – Panci Kukus – [ via ]
Boil water in a pan first

Before putting your baking dough pan in a pan or streamers, boil the water in it first. Boiling the water first can create constant hot steam in the pan so the cake can expand better when steamed.

Tips Mengukus Kue - Kukusan bambu - [ via ]
Tips Mengukus Kue – Kukusan bambu – [ via ]
Make sure there is enough water in the steamer

When steaming, water that is constantly boiling in a pan for long will shrink and the water vapor will thin out and even run out. If the water in the steamer is dry, this can damage the texture of the cake you are steaming. Therefore, make sure there is enough water in your steamer until the time the cake is cooked to be lifted.

Tips Mengukus Kue - Bolu kukus - [ via ]
Tips Mengukus Kue – Bolu kukus – [ via ]
Wrap the pot lid

When steaming, rising water vapor will usually stick to the lid and accumulate into droplets of water that will drip on the cake you are cooking. This can cause your cake to be too wet or even crumble. Therefore, wrap your pot lid first with a clean cloth or kitchen cloth. This can minimize the risk of dripping moisture that collects on the lid of the pan on the cake.

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