Here’s a Recommendation for Pondan-style Arisan Dishes that Can Be Your Inspiration The social gathering event is one of the events that is regularly held by various groups. Among the series of preparations for the social gathering event, choosing the food to be provided is quite a priority. For those of you who also often feel this way, choosing some Pondan-style social gathering dishes can be the right solution.

Pondan’s Arisan Dish Inspiration

Choosing the right dish for the arisan event can certainly make your arisan event a success and make other arisan participants comfortable. Here are some inspirational dishes that you can make using Pondan’s flagship products to serve at your social gathering.

Assorted Cakes

During the social gathering, some participants often prefer light meals to heavy meals such as rice. To get around this, you can make a cake using products from the brand Pondan.

From sponge cake, blackforest, brownies to You can make bika Ambon and pancake using a mixture of cake flour from Pondan. You don’t have to worry about the taste of this cake because the cake flour from Pondan is known for its high quality so that the cake you make must have a delicious taste.

Pondan’s Arisan Dish with Assorted Pudding

Besides cake, pudding is also often chosen as a Pondan-style social gathering dish which is often served at social gathering events. You can serve a variety of pudding flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, to fruit-flavored puddings such as mango and strawberry.

Pudding is considered to be a dish that is quite easy to make but is often confusing in terms of sweetener composition. By using pudding from Pondan, you don’t have to worry about this because the level of sweetness possessed by Pondan pudding has the right amount.

Refreshing Meals with Ice Foundation Cream

It’s not complete if you don’t serve fresh dishes at your social gathering. Ice cream is a refreshing dish that is most often present at social gathering events.

Compared to buying from other people, of course making your own ice cream can save your social gathering budget. You can choose various flavors such as strawberry ice cream, chocolate, green beans, to yogurt to serve at your social gathering event.

Those are some inspirations for Pondan-style social gathering dishes that you can make yourself at home. With delicious and quality dishes, your social gathering will be even more exciting.

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