Here’s an easy way to serve Strawberry Flan Pondan Pudding Basically, flan is a pudding originating from Spain, where the main ingredients are only made from milk, eggs, and also sugar. Now, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to make flan because the method is so easy. If you don’t know how, then see the review of the article below using Pondan Strawberry Flan Pudding.

Not many people know about these easy tips for preparing Strawberry Flan Pondan Pudding

Pudding is indeed one of the most suitable and popular desserts at various events. In fact, not a few people like this dessert because it is so soft and delicious. But unfortunately there are still many people who don’t really understand how to make the flan, here’s a review of the article.

  1. Prepare the ingredients for Pondan Pudding Strawberry Flan

The first step you need to take is to prepare a pack of flan from Pondan. There are lots of flavors available, you can choose the strawberry flan as many people like it. Prepare 450 cc of boiling water and 3 empty cups to be used as pudding molds

  1. Pour the flan into a large bowl

You can use a jumbo bowl to pour the flan along with the boiling water. Make sure the flan powder is poured little by little into the boiling water while stirring for 4 minutes until it is evenly distributed so that there are no more lumps.

  1. Move into a cup and let it sit until it hardens

Finally, all you have to do is pour the pudding flan into the mold until it cools and hardens. If it’s not hot, then you can put the pudding in the refrigerator. After that, serve it cold, the method is quite easy. You just have to turn the cup upside down and then take out the pudding, very practical isn’t it?

This is an article review regarding tips for serving Pondan Pudding Strawberry Flan. That way, you can immediately practice right now, because the tips for serving flan are so easy to apply.


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