History of Whip Cream

pondan.com – Whipped cream or what is often called whipped cream has indeed become a mandatory topping when decorating sponge cakes. Not only sponge or cake, whip cream can also apparently be used to decorate drinks.

Its soft texture and taste that is not too sweet is indeed addictive, especially when mixed with other ingredients such as fruit. So, the soft and fresh sensation becomes a complete package of food. Whipped cream can be made from butter or milk, which is then mixed with other ingredients, then whipped until fluffy and the texture becomes light.

History of Whip Cream

Looking back, this whipped cream was popular in the 16th century in Italy. The recipe is known to be in the records of two people, namely Cristoforo in 1604 and Bartolomeo Scappi in 1570. This whipped cream mixture came to be called “milk snow”.

Before the existence of such qualified equipment as now, whipped cream was stirred using willow tree branches, which are known for their strength or not easily broken. So it is very suitable for kneading dough.

Until the 19th century, when equipment in the form of machines began to appear, whipped cream was whipped using a special tool, and of course the resulting texture was more perfect. Now, to make whipped cream, you don’t need to bother mixing the basic ingredients one by one, because there are already instant ones, like the premix of PONDAN Whip Cream.

Making Pondan Whip Cream

In one package, PONDAN Whip Cream contains wheat flour, skim milk powder, vegetable emulsifier, modified starch, and vanilla flavor. The way to make it is also fairly easy. Mix PONDAN Whip Cream with 250 cc of ice water. Then, beat briskly for 6-7 minutes, until cream is fluffy and thickened.

Besides being easy, whipped cream also has a number of benefits, you know. So, you don’t have to worry so much whether this whipped cream is harmful or not. The reason is, this whipped cream can help restore energy to reduce stress.

Have 455 kcal to increase energy

Whipped cream contains 455 kcal which is very useful for increasing energy. The content of sugar and milk in this whipped cream can help restore your energy when you start to feel lethargic.

Calcium is good for bones

The calcium in whip cream is useful for strengthening bones and joints in your body. The combination of vitamins and minerals in whipped cream also turns out to be good for healthy teeth and gums, but still consumed in reasonable doses, yes!

Sweet taste reduces stress

Sweet foods are known to relieve stress, as well as the sugar content in whipped cream. Indeed, sweet foods often increase feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

So, are you interested in making your own whipped cream at home? No need to be complicated anymore, immediately buy PONDAN Whip Cream which can be directly processed by simply mixing it with ice water and can be used directly as needed.

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