Homemade Healthy Fruit Ice Cream Creations

pondan.com Ice Cream is a favorite food for children or adults, because Ice Cream has an image of a sweet and fresh taste when eaten, especially when served cold, of course, makes everyone addicted to eating it. However, if this ice cream is consumed excessively, it is also not good, of course, because the sugar content is quite high, so it is not good for children to consume in excess.

But you as a parent can be creative by making Ice Cream by making it yourself with natural ingredients such as making it from basic ingredients of fruit. The method is also quite easy to process it from various kinds of fruits.

Fruit-based ice cream is considered very healthy because this ice cream is homemade, of course cleanliness and health are guaranteed, besides that, by making your own ice cream, you can also avoid using ice cream or milk which may not be suitable for children’s digestion.

So, of course, making homemade fruit ice cream creations is indeed more appropriate because the natural ingredients are safer and certainly healthier. This fruit-based ice cream is also very easy to make, besides that the basic ingredients used are also quite easy to find, so you just have to look for the recipe on google or on youtube, okay, you can make it.

Usually for fruits that are commonly used are avocados, strawberries, apples, grapes, manga and many others. These fruits are commonly used to make ice cream or fruit juices. If you want to make fruit-based ice cream, the method is quite easy, you just need to prepare some basic ingredients such as water, sugar, milk, fruits that you want to use as ice cream, and other toppings, you can just plain bread, missies. or croffel.

Well, if all the ingredients have been prepared, just mix them together and then puree them and add milk and sugar only, now when it’s smooth and mixed, all you have to do is put it in the freezer. only, and just wait until it freezes and the ice cream is ready to be served. Well, it’s quite easy not to make home-style fruit ice cream creations that are healthy for consumption.

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