How to Clean Martabak Pans

Hai Moms, want to make martabak but lumbe rusty ?

It is sometimes cooking utensils in the kitchen if rarely used will arise and hard to clean it moms dan sis, what else is made of iron, steel or aluminum.With the following steps,your martabak pan,which has been slightly rusty or dirty can be re-clean and used again. So do not be in a hurry to throw it away and buy new again moms.

  • First of all, moms need to wash the mold or the baking sheet with plain water and wipe it dry.
  • Flush the molds or trays of moms and sis with baking soda and vinegar. Let stand moms and sis momentarily, until the foam disappears.
  • Using liquid from baking soda and vinegar that is still in the mold or baking sheet, rub the mold or lash it with sandpaper. The point is to release rust and dirt.
  • Then dispose of dirty vinegar with brownish black water with clean water
  • Afterwards, moms just only need to wash them again as usual using a rough sponge.
  • Flush back with clean water and mold or a pan of moms and sis ready for re-use make martabak.

Lets cook the cake again moms ! don’t worries about a dirty tray, dont forget to used Pondan for easily make a cake.. Semoga tips ini bermanfaat ya moms dan sis, agar anda bisa membuat martabak di rumah tanpa khawatir. Hopefully these tips useful moms and sis, so you can make a martabak at home without worry~

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