Easy, This is How to Cook Boba


Have you tried boba yet? Yup, lately these tapioca balls are very popular among the youth. Besides its chewy texture and savory taste, the carbohydrate and sugar content in boba can also add energy. Apparently, it is not that difficult to cook boba. The ingredients needed are also quite simple. Here are several steps on how to cook boba that you can follow, starting from the making process to the serving method.

1. Making Your Own Boba

making boba
Pondan – Making Your Own Boba

To make boba, the ingredients that you need to prepare are 6 tablespoons of warm water, 130 grams of tapioca flour, and 60 grams of brown sugar. The next steps are simple, really. First, mix warm water with brown sugar. Then, add a third of tapioca flour to the liquid. Heat the liquid until it boils. After it cools down, add the remaining tapioca flour to the liquid until it turns into a dough. Roll the dough until it becomes lumpy. After the dough becomes thick, cut the dough into small pieces. These small pieces of dough are then shaped like a ball. Then, sprinkle flour into the whole mixture. Let it cool down, and your homemade boba is here.

2. Cooking Boba

cooking boba
Pondan – Cooking Boba

For those who don’t have enough time to make boba, instant boba in packaging is quite easy to find in supermarkets. The procedures for either cooking homemade boba or instant boba are pretty much the same. Pour one cup of boba into clean water, then stir the boba to keep it from sticking to each other. After that, boil the water, and then the boba, for about 10 minutes. After the boba is boiled, remove and drain it well for 15 minutes in a closed container. Then, mix the boba with sugar of your selections to enhance its sweetness. Let stand for a moment, and boba is ready to be served.

3. Serving Boba

serving boba
Pondan – Serving Boba

The chewy texture of boba makes it perfect to be served as a dessert companion. Boba may be better known as toppings for cold drinks, such as pearl milk tea (bubble tea) which is quite popular in Taiwan and other Asian countries since the 1980s. But, due to its increasing popularity, boba can now be put into a variety of foods. Dessert like pudding, cakes, or fruit soup can now be mixed with boba to enhance their flavors.


boba pudding
Brown Sugar Bobba Pudding Pondan

Well, those are the complete instructions on how to cook boba. Now, you can use your creativity in combining your favorite dessert with boba. One recipe that you can try at home is the Pudding Brown Sugar Bobba recipe. Making it is easy. This is thanks to Pudding Flan Pondan. With Pudding Flan Pondan, puddings can be made by only adding hot water. The variants are available in vanilla, chocolate, mango, and strawberry flavors, with vla sauce included in the packaging. Wow, the chewiness of boba will definitely make your pudding more delicious!



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