How to Make Dalgona Coffee, The Viral Coffee Trend

Currently, the internet is hyping up a new trend of making dalgona coffee. The beverage is named as such because its texture resembles dalgona candies from South Korea. Due to the current circumstance of social distancing, many social media users have taken their part in trying this new coffee trend. How about you? Are you interested in joining this trend? If yes, here are some of the easiest steps you can follow.


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The ingredients you need are very easy to find: sugar, instant coffee, and milk. For the sugar, you can choose either white sugar, brown sugar, or raw sugar. You can also choose any instant coffee to your liking. Then, for the milk, you can use all kinds of milk, both warm and cold.

Moreover, you will need a mixer for the whipping process. However, if there is no mixer around, you can use any kinds of whisks. The risk is that you have to whip it longer, which will take around 20 minutes. Regular spoons can also be used, but the whipping process will be much longer and your hands will be weary.

Steps on How to Make Dalgona Coffee

Step 1:

Add instant coffee powder (around 2 tablespoons), sugar, and hot water to a bowl. Then, by using a mixer or whisks, mix it in high speed.

Step 2:

After whipping it for a while, the entire mixture will turn into a lighter brown as it gets foamier. Keep whipping it until it reaches a whipped cream-like texture. If you are using a mixer, this whipping process will take around 2 minutes.

Step 3:

Taste it. If the taste is too strong, add around one tablespoon of sugar to the mixture. But, remember, this strong taste will soon be diluted with milk.

Step 4:

Add ice and milk to a cup. Then, pour your dalgona whip over it. Your dalgona coffee is ready to be served!

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Serving Tips

Remember, prior to drinking it, you should not miss the opportunity to take some photos of the dalgona coffee you just made. In addition, if the dalgona whip turns out to be less foamy, put it in the refrigerator first for about 10 to 15 minutes, then mix it well once again. So, what are you waiting for? Join this trend with an instant coffee of your choice.


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