How to Make Fry Fried Meatballs

Bored with the meatballs that are boiled with noodles and vegetables? How about you try the fried meatballs? Although its has a similar name and uses meat as the main ingredient, the process of cooking and serving fried meatballs is rather complex compared to boiled meatballs. Fried meatballs that are already cooked will usually go flat once it’s cold. The deflated fried meatballs are not pretty served to guests, right? To maintain its shape, you need to fry fried meatballs appropriately. Here are some of the tips.

Use a Lot of Oil

Fry fried meatballs must use a pretty much oil, if possible to soak the meatball. Because the entire surface of the meatballs is exposed to the same heat, the meatballs will cook thoroughly and reach inside.

cara menggoreng bakso goreng

Not Frying All at Once

Meatball dough will expand once it is fried. Therefore, the meatball mixture put into the frying pan should not be too much. In addition, if you immediately fry all the meatball dough, there will be meatballs that are only partially exposed to heat and some are too hot so it might burn.

cara menggoreng bakso goreng

Small or Medium Fire

Sometimes we use high heat because we want the fried meatballs to cook as fast as possible. This is wrong. High heat produces high heat so that the outer meatball dough is cooked quickly but not the inside. It is better to fry the fried meatballs using only low heat to cook it evenly. The frying process will indeed be longer, but the results can be more tender and not quickly deflated after cooked.

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