How to Make Ice Cream at Home with 5 Tips!

Ice cream is certainly among everyone’s favorite dessert. Its cold and soft texture, combined with various sweet tastes that it usually comes with, has made ice cream the ‘prima donna’ of cuisines. Good news for you ice cream lovers out there! Now, you won’t have to go outside to simply savor it. You can now make ice cream at home! Interested to try? Here are several tips you have to keep in mind so that the ice cream you make tastes and looks wonderful!

1. Choose the Right Ingredient

Pondan Ice Cream Magic

Choosing ingredients is the key to success on how to make ice cream at home. One of the best premix products you can try is Pondan Magic Ice Cream. Comes with many different flavors, Pondan Magic Ice Cream is an instant ice cream powder that is very easy to make and tasty. You just need to add ice water then mixed it with the ice cream powder, then freeze it, and your favorite delicious ice cream is done! It’s as easy as that!

2. Use a Mixer

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For a maximum result, consider using a high-speed mixer when mixing the ice cream ingredients. If you don’t have a mixer, you can also use a blender. Or, you can also use a whisk. But, due to you having to mix it fast in relatively a long amount of time, this will probably make your hands sore very quickly, and as a result, the mixture won’t thicken.

3. Replace Iced Water with Milk

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To make an ice cream with Pondan Magic Ice Cream, you will need a cup of ice water. However, if you want a more dense texture that;s highly nutritious, you can replace the ice water with 150 cc of cold fresh milk, or with 1-2 tablespoons of full cream milk powder that’s added into 150 cc of ice water. In addition, you can also add fruit jam so that the texture will become more creamy.

4. Add Flavoring Powder

Pondan Magic Ice Cream Matcha
Pondan Magic Ice Cream Matcha

If the three original flavors are not quite your taste, no need to worry! You can add more flavor enhancing powder accordingto taste. For example, if you want to make a matcha-flavored ice cream, you can add green tea powder for around 15 gr. Or, if you want to make a fried ice cream, you can roll the ice cream over crushed corn cereals and butter.

5. Store it in the Freezer

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Finally, don’t forget to freeze your ice cream in the freezer! Before putting it in the refrigerator, make sure that you cover the ice cream mixture with gladwrap to prevent the formation of a crystal layer on the top surface of the ice cream you make. In addition, use the best mold so that your ice cream looks more engaging. This homemade ice cream can also be stored for 1-2 weeks!

5 Tips on Storing Your Homemade Ice Cream at Home


Isn’t it easy? With such an affordable price, you can easily make ice cream at home with Pondan. Aside from making ice cream, come try creating and combining it with other things. Who knows, your simple dessert might be a promising opportunity for small ice cream business. For a more complete ice cream recipe, don’t forget to follow our Instagram accounts @kreasipondanid, @pondan.unifood, and YouTube Emang Gampang Pondan. Come come, let’s make it now!


Source: Fine Cooking

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