How To Make Ice Cream Mocha


  • 1 pack of flour pondan magic Ice Cream 150 gr

  • 300 mL Ice Water


  • Whip cream pondan
  • Astor
  • Almond
  • Liquid chocolate
  • Cheery Fruits
  • Leaves Mint


  • Prepare ice water (mix the water with ice cubes, wait until the temperature is light), measure with exactly 300 mL of ice water.
  • Mix the Pondan Magic Ice Cream with 300 mL and ice water and shake 5-10 minutes at high speed until the ice cream dough expands and thickens.
  • Pour the ice cream dough into a ready-to-eat container.
  • Freeze into the freezer for ± 8 hours with its maximum cold temperature.
  • Take Ice Cream and put it into a glass, inlaid with liquid chocolate, whip cream pondan, almonds, cherries, astor and mint leaves.

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