How to Make Pondan Vla Chocolate Pudding which is easy to practice You need to know that pudding does not always have a sweet taste, so it is very suitable for serving using vla. This is none other than because the taste of vla itself is so sweet and even its creamy texture makes many people love it. Here’s how to make Pondan Vla Chocolate Pudding that you must know.

Here’s How to Make Pondan Vla Chocolate Pudding which is easy to practice

Basically, the tips on making your own vla pudding are quite easy to practice, even for beginners. If you are one of those people who don’t know how to make vla pudding, then see the review of the article below.

  1. Prepare some ingredients before making Pondan Vla Chocolate Pudding

The first step you need to do is prepare 150 ml of water and a large container. After that, boil 150 ml of raw water until it is completely cooked, then transfer it to a container or bowl.

  1. Pour the vla into 150 ml of boiling water

If it’s already boiling, then all you have to do is pour the vla powder into the boiling water. Make sure you pour the vla powder little by little and also stir it for about 4 minutes so it doesn’t clot.

  1. Let the vla stand until it’s not hot and put it in the fridge

Finally, all you have to do is let the vla cool down completely. To make it more delicious, it’s better to just put it in the refrigerator. After it feels cold enough, then remove the vla from the fridge and then serve it with the pudding you made earlier.

This is an article review regarding tips for making Pondan Vla Chocolate Pudding as a dessert or dessert. That way, later you can immediately practice it because the method for making the pudding above is so easy. In fact, don’t be surprised if many people make this vla to be served with pudding because it tastes so delicious.


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