Ice Cream Sachet 75g, Easy Way to Make Ice Cream

pondan.comIce cream is one of my favourites. This community food with a soft and cold texture accompanied by various flavors will be quite delicious to eat when the air is warm or even when you are in a bad mood. Those of you who like to eat ice cream at home will certainly be very happy if you can make it yourself to your taste right.

Therefore, if you want to find a simple and disposable ingredient that is specifically made for ready-to-use ice cream powder, it is practical and also tastes delicious. You can use ice cream sachet 75g with various flavors you want. The existence of this sachet version will make you more comfortable when making ice cream.


For those of you who are curious about the composition of this product, it is to ensure that there are no harmful ingredients. The ingredients used are refined sugar containing sulfite preservatives, skim milk powder, cocoa powder (if using the chocolate variant) dextrose, thickener Tara Gum, synthetic chocolate flavoring, vegetable emulsifier, salt and food coloring.

Tips for Making Ice Cream

The first step you have to do is to prepare ice water then mix the ice cream powder with 150 cc of water then shake it until the ice cream dough expands and is thick.

After doing the first step, then the next step, you need to prepare a serving container and pour the dough that has carried it into a serving container and freeze it in the freezer for approximately 8 hours with the maximum cold temperature. You can enjoy the results of homemade ice cream with ice cream sachets.

As an advanced tip, to get a denser and fuller ice cream, you can replace 150cc of ice water with 150cc of cold fresh milk. These tips you can do at home when you want to get better results.

Thus the discussion of this article is related to ice cream sachet 75g, an easy way to make ice cream which you can find in the nearest supermarket and marketplace.

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