Instant Ice Cream Powder Pondan Products Making ice cream from home is actually not difficult to do, you can make ice cream easily using instant powder pondan products which is very popular today. Stocking ice cream in the refrigerator is made easier and more practical with the presence of this instant powder as a cheap product with the best quality.

The various products from pondan do not need to be questioned about the quality, in fact the products presented are of very high quality. For that, when you want to stock up ice cream at home, you better stock it yourself at home without having to buy ready-made ice cream.

Here is information about the advantages of using instant ice cream powder from pondan to stock ice cream from home.

You can specify the flavor you want

When you choose to make your own ice cream at home using pondan products then you can decide what flavor you want. Do you want to make chocolate, strawberry, or even macha flavored ice cream, you can even make your own because the taste of this instant ice cream powder is very complete.

Affordable Price

For the price of this instant powder itself it’s not that expensive and it’s actually quite cheap, for the box packaging itself it doesn’t reach 20 thousand rupiah for one box and you can get ice cream in large quantities which is very much.

The Practical Way

Making ice cream from home using ice cream powder itself is also very practical to do, not only the ingredients are simple but also the way to make it only needs to be mixed and then frozen in the refrigerator .

Available Creation Method

Each packaging of this instant ice cream powder has a method of making it so you don’t need to be confused about how to make it to produce a delicious and super delicious ice cream because it has been adjusted to the proper dosage.

Thus information about instant ice cream powder pondan products that you can feel as one of the best solutions for making ice cream. To get this instant powder, you can buy it in the marketplace and also the nearest minimarket.

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