General Mistake When Make A Cake

Making the cake is a bother easy moms and sis. You can go to the culinary school first or even self-taught while learning by doing, because by getting used to it so long you can fluently make a cake.

In ancient times, cooking was a duty for every woman to be able to do so. Even from small, women are already accustomed to learn cooking. Talking about it or making a cake, of course everyone has made a mistake, whether it’s for the already experts, as well as beginners who are just learning.

Whether it’s about texture, recipe or something like a burnt cake. To learn, the following errors and solutions to be able to get good results when baking.

  • Recipe

When you want to make a cake, indeed we can browse the internet to find recipes. And usually the recipe is already together with the dose of moms and sis, so you should follow the dosage of the recipe and do not guess, because the amount of ingredients used would have been fit for the final result of the cake that you will make, Moms !

  • Dough

When you need to stir the dough, avoid to stir the dough for too long, because it will affect the cake texture moms and sis. Stirring using a mixer or hand-shuffling manually is the same, preferably moms and sis not stirring the dough for long, when the cake does not become hard or solid.

  • Cake mold

When moms  to put the cake into the mold and ready to roast, do not forget to smear the mold with butter so that the cake does not become sticky or even damage the shape of the cake later. Trivial but it is very influential for the final result.

  • Wheat flour

Have moms and sis poured flour directly into the dough? If ever and often do, moms and sis must change it by sifting the flour first. Why is that? Because sowing the flour will separate the particles and will make it easier when mixed with the liquid. So when cooked, the cake will feel softer texture.

  • Oven

When the cake is ready to put in the oven, avoid opening the oven too often while the cake is in the process of roasting. Because it will affect the final cake of moms and sis, the temperature of the oven will also decrease. If you want to check the level of maturity, you can do it by sticking the stick when approximately baking time is finished. If the stick is still there dough that stick, then the cake is not yet ripe. Vice versa, if not stick means your cake is cooked. You can check it with stick or toothpicks.

Here are the steps you should consider when baking the cakes, moms and sis. When the cake is cooked and removed from the oven, let the cake cool first. Do not directly cut the cake or even eat it, to absorb well and not damaged or destroyed when about to cut.

Good luck and good luck yes moms and sis, use flour Pondan for your convenience when want to make the cake with the best quality of flour. There are several choices of cakes that you can practice lho moms and sis, such as steamed cakes, baked goods, muffins, chiffon, sponge cake and roasted tiramisu.

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