Layer Mango Pudding


  • 1 pack of Pondan Puding flan mango 130 gr

  • 600 mL Boiling Water (For Pudding)

  • Chocolate sponge cake Pondan

  • 1 pack of jelly orange

  • mango pieces square cut

  • vla vanilla


  • Whip cream Pondan
  • Mango Fruit
  • Strawberry Fruit
  • Cheery Fruit
  • Leave mint


  • Prepare exactly 600 mL of boiling water and then pour into a large bowl container.

  • Pour the instant pudding powder bit by bit into boiling water

  • while stirring for ± 4 minutes until evenly distributed and no lumps.

  • Add 1 layer of Chocolate sponge cake to pond

  • Pour the mango pudding that has been thickened slightly.

  • While waiting for the Pudding to harden, cook the orange jelly by mixing the water, jelly orange, sugar, stir and heat until boiling

  • enter the mango and flush with jelly orange over the mango pudding flan. Decorate with whip cream Pondan, mangoes, strawberries and vla vanilla

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