Let’s Get To Know The Kinds Of Delicious Pudding For Iftar Menu

pondan.comThe month of Ramadan is here with us, of course, one of the iconic things during Ramadan is the variety of creative types of food for the iftar menu. Maybe you can see around where you are very many people busy selling in the afternoon and offering a variety of delicious food and drinks for iftar. Iftar is recommended with something sweet, especially sweet and fresh, one of which is pudding.

What is Pudding?

Maybe some of you are still confused about what pudding is. So, pudding is a snack that is usually made of jelly, jelly, or a mixture of both. So, what is the difference between pudding, jelly, and jelly?

In general, the three types of dessert look the same, but pudding has more flavor variants. Meanwhile, gelatin tends to be like seaweed and has a chewy and dense texture, while jelly has a more chewy and mushy texture. All three have a good taste, but pudding is more tempting, yes.

You can make a variety of pudding creations to be a fasting menu. Well why not, you can be creative by making topping variants such as strawberry, orange, melon, yogurt, coconut juice, and others. You can even combine pudding as a topping on fresh fruit ice, fruit soup, salad, and more.

Let’s Peek Some Delicious Pudding Recipes Below

Talking about delicious pudding recipes, of course there will be lots of flavor variants that you can try. The first delicious and appetizing variant is the chocolate flan couch pudding. There are several ingredients that you need to prepare to make this pudding, such as sugar, powdered milk, chocolate flavoring, coloring, and others.

Seeing the composition of the ingredients looks quite complicated, doesn’t it? So don’t worry, this time you can make delicious pudding with just instant pudding powder from Pondan. So you only need additional ingredients, namely hot water and a cup or mold. So what about the presentation instructions? Calm down, of course everything is complete and prepared in Pondan pudding powder packaging.

In this chocolate flat couch pudding recipe, you will need about 450 mL of boiling water in a large bowl. Then, slowly please pour the pudding powder slowly while stirring until evenly distributed and not lumpy. Then, just pour it into the cup or mold you prepared.

You can also do various creations, namely by adding pieces of fresh fruit such as oranges, strawberries, or young coconuts. What is sure to be a delicious and delicious texture addition combined with the delicious chocolate taste of Pondan pudding powder. After that, you just have to wait for it to cool for a moment and put it in the refrigerator. Hmm, simple isn’t it?

What are the Variants Delicious Pudding Recipe from Pondan?

Of course, there are lots of delicious pudding variants that you can make. Starting from chocolate pouch, manga pouch, vanilla pouch, vanilla mix, strawberry mix, chocolate mix, manga mix, vanilla pudding vla, chocolate pudding vla, strawberry flan, and others. You can combine various kinds of pudding flavors, of course.

You can even make creations, several ready-made pudding variants, cut into small cubes. Then make it as a hat on mixed ice, dogger ice, or fruit ice. Pudding is also suitable as a companion of freshness with or young coconut. Hmm how? The more it makes your iftar sweeter, doesn’t it? Not only pudding, you can also try other Pondan recipes such as cake mix, ice cream, bread, cakes, and coffee, good luck…!

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