Long Lasting Cookies, Follow The Steps

long lasting cookies

Long Lasting Cookies | Pondan.comCookies such as nastar, kastengel, and putri salju are perfect for sweetening the holiday. Not only are they easy to make, these cookies can also be stored for long periods. However, there are some things that need to be considered to maintain their crispness and taste even though they can be stored for a while in a jar. Here’s easy step for long lasting cookies.


long lasting cookies

  1. Make sure the Cookies have Cooled
    Before storing the cookies in a jar, make sure the cookies have already cooled. Even if the cookies are not hot or warm, leave it for a while until the cookies have completely cooled down. Freshly baked cookies tend to be easily fragile and the texture will still be soft. Hot steam from the cookies will also make the temperature inside the jar become damp and the cookies will quickly break down.
  2. Differentiate Cookies by their Texture
    Dry textured cookies should be stored in glass jars that can be closed tightly. While soft textured cookies should be stored in a plastic jar that is not too tall for the softness to last longer.
  3. Don’t Mix The Different Cookies
    To save the container and to make the jar look full, we sometimes mix different cookies into the same jar. But it turns out a variety of cookies mixed in a jar can damage the cookies. The ingredients, aroma, and crispness of different cookies make the cookies become less pleasant if put together.


long lasting cookies

  1. The jar should be airtigh
    Air can cause cookies to become soggy. Choose an airtight plastic or glass cookies container and jar. Don’t leave the jar open for too long and make sure it is completely sealed when not eaten.
  2. Make sure the jar is clean and dry
    Before putting cookies into the jar, make sure the jar is clean and dry. If freshly washed, wipe dry and air dry or dry in the sun. A damp jar will make the cookies in it quickly soggy, even mildewed.


long lasting cookiesUse a layer of parchment paper to separate each layer of arranged cookies so as not to stick to each other and still look beautiful.


long lasting cookies

To control the humidity inside the jar, you can use silica gel in small packs. But if not, you can replace it with a spoon of salt wrapped in a clean cloth. Place the salt pack at the bottom of the jar before preparing the cookies.


  1. Cool and Dry Place
    Keep the cookie jar in a dry, cool place. And also, avoid storing jars in places that are exposed to direct sunlight and away from foods with intense scents.
  2. Refrigerator
    Before storing your cookie jar into the refrigerator, make sure the jar is tightly closed and avoid storing in a refrigerator that is full of food, let alone one with strong smells.

Well, those are some tips that will help you keep long lasting cookies and stay crisp. Like always, Pondan faithfully provides ready-made premix foods such as cake batter, cookie dough, ice cream dough, dessert dough, pudding dough since 1978. Be sure to always choose Pondan for homemade and practical cookies!

long lasting cookies





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