Make a Simple Pondan Brownies Cake There are many processes for making cakes with Pondan brownies that are simple. The procedure is also not difficult enough for cake makers to do. You only need 2 ingredients when you want to make the brownies.

This stage is certainly not a difficult process. Even to be able to make brownies, you only need to visit the nearest minimarket. So, later you no longer need to buy brownies, you just have to make them at home.

Therefore, for the process of making it you only need a few supporting materials. Like for example two eggs with melted butter or oil. These two additional ingredients can later make the brownies taste more delicious.

The Process of Making a Cake from Pondan Brownies

Pondan brownies can indeed be said to be a cake premix which is quite simple. In fact, you can find it in any convenience store. So you don’t need to experience difficult things to be able to make these brownies.

  • Two Eggs to Make Brownies

The first thing to pay attention to is to add two eggs. Indeed, these two eggs are an additional ingredient for making brownies to make them taste more delicious and fluffy

You don’t even need to add sp or other developer materials. Because, only with the addition of two eggs only. Even the brownies that you make will expand properly without any other additions.

That’s why many people prefer to use pondan Brownies in making cakes. So that the taste that is created becomes more enjoyable to consume. So you don’t need other additional ingredients like sp to make it.

  • Add Oil or Melted Butter to Make It

Then after all the premix ingredients from Pondan have been added. You just need to add oil or melted butter. So that later the brownies that are made can be more easily removed from the pan.

The addition of oil can also make the dough cook faster. So that the cake will be more tender to be enjoyed. Therefore, you must try to use this Pondan brownies as a premix medium when you are going to make a safe cake.

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