Make Dessert From Pudding A la Restaurant and Cafe Dissert or commonly known as pudding, is indeed in great demand from all walks of life, both children, teenagers and even adults. Its sweet, chewy and soft taste often makes many people addicted to always eating it. Whether in your spare time while relaxing or at work, this pudding is never wrong to serve.

This pudding dessert is even more popular because the way it is made is also very easy and not complicated. No need for a mixer, blender, and other sophisticated tools in cooking. This food is cooked using only the stove is enough. The ingredients for this dessert are easy and can be found in many shopping centers, even in a klontongan shop, and cooking it doesn’t take much effort, so it’s really easy to make.

But now along with the development of technology and the number of creations or tutorials to make unique and interesting dishes, now there are many variations of pudding. If we look at the pudding that is a la restaurant and cafe now there are more variations, the appearance is also more attractive.

In general, in making dessert from pudding, which is a restaurant and cafe style, it’s the same, actually, you can also make it by looking at the many tutorials on youtube. However, if the pudding has entered the restaurant and cafe, it’s different again, usually yes, both in terms of price and the appearance is also very different.

This is why it’s different, because the dessert from pudding sold in restaurants and cafes has its own aesthetic value or high creative value, so this is what makes dessert from pudding served at this restaurant. restaurants and cafes have a fairly high selling value. Apart from that, the packaging is also very attractive and classy, ​​so it’s only natural that the price is different from the price of other puddings in general.

If the best-selling desserts in cafes or restaurants are desserts made of chocolate or fruit variants, these two types of desserts are very popular. However, among the types of pudding that I have mentioned earlier, the most favorite is pudding made from fruit, this pudding is one of the favorites besides its fresh taste, of course healthy, because the vitamin content in fruits is combined with gelatin. and milk, making this dish more complete in its nutritional content, but low in calories of course.

Especially when consumed by children, it’s very good for growth, so desserts from restaurant and cafe-style puddings made from fruits can be a solution if children -Children are hard to eat fruit. Based on the explanation above, hopefully it can be useful for you all.

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