Make Easy Cakes with Sponge Cake Pouch Mix, Come on! There are lots of cakes that can be found, one of which is sponge cake. This much-discussed cake turned out to be quite difficult to make. However, don’t worry because now we have sponge cake pouch mix from Pondan.

With this instant cake you can make cake very easily. Where, only need additional ingredients such as eggs and margarine. After that, you can mix the ingredients from Pondan.

This very easy and practical method of making is of course suitable for making and serving for family events. Interestingly, there are many flavors of this sponge cake. Starting from chocolate, pandan, to vanilla flavors

You don’t need to worry about the result, because this sponge cake is very soft. So, it will make you addicted to the taste which is also very fitting on the tongue. Sponge cake from Pondan can be an option when you want to make cake easily and in a short time. fusion 360 cracked undelete plus crack bittorrent pro crack avocode crack

The soft texture, and the right taste comes from the selected ingredients. Apart from that, pouch packages are also available containing only 200 grams. Usually, once made and it will be very popular with many people.

Some Ingredients Contained In Sponge Cake Pouch Mix

In 200 gram sponge cake pouch mix there is already a mixture of ingredients from wheat flour, corn flour, vegetable emulsifier, skim milk powder, powdered sugar, baking powder, and flavor according to choice. These ingredients are in accordance with the measure, so there will be no failed results later.

To get satisfactory results, then bake the mixture that has been mixed with eggs and margarine in the oven over low heat. To make it look more attractive, you can add butter creamand a variety of other toppings.

This instant cake is the best choice for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about taste, because with quality ingredients and choices, of course the resulting taste is definitely delicious

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