Make Sponge Cake with Versatile Pondan Sponge Pandan Bolu is a type of cake that has a soft texture so it is quite delicious to eat accompanied by warm tea. Those of you who like to eat this type of sponge cake will certainly be more complete if you can make it yourself at home. For that you don’t need to worry because there are brands of cake flour that are suitable for you to use when you want to make sponge cakes.

The cake flour in question is Pondan Sponge Multipurpose which is specially made as a ready-to-use cake flour and is also practical enough for you to use, it can even make various kinds of cakes. the shape of the sponge cake you like. The presence of this cake flour makes it easy when making sponge cakes.


For the composition of this cake flour, namely wheat flour, powdered sugar, skim milk powder, corn flour, baking powder, vegetable emulsifier and vanilla flavor. This composition is the perfect combination to produce a delicious sponge cake.

Sponge Cake Tips

For those of you who are still not good at making sponge cakes, you can find out what is baked when it is cooked or not, by piercing the center of the cake using a toothpick and then removing it. If there is no dough sticking to it, it’s a sign that the cake is cooked and you can set it aside.

Furthermore for those of you who want tips for making sponge cake is to preheat the oven, beat the eggs using a mixer until fluffy and then add the sponge cake batter Bake all-purpose then beat on high speed for 6 to 7 minutes until mixture is fluffy and thick.

After the dough has risen, add the cooled melted margarine and stir until smooth so that it can be spread on the baking pan and then bake until cooked. You prepare a cake holder and make an attractive sponge cake shape and enjoy the deliciousness.

To get this versatile Pondan baked sponge, you can buy it at the nearest supermarket. Thus, the discussion of this article is related to making sponge cake with versatile pandan sponge cake that can make your cake delicious.

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