Making Easy Pudding With Pondan Instant Powder Pondan is one of the most famous product brands in the world of cooking, instant powder that will make it easier to make a dessert. Like making pudding, it can be easier and simpler with pontan instant powder, which you can find in the marketplace or even in supermarkets very easily.

If you have a hobby of eating pudding, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make pudding. Because only with instant powder, you can enjoy a super delicious pudding and of course according to the tastes of many people with a very precise dose.

Not only provide pudding powder, but also donut powder, brownies, pastries, ice cream powder, and coffee powder. For the pudding powder itself, it has a variety of flavors and types that you can adjust according to your liking, which of course is very profitable and makes it easier for you.

Pondan Instant Powder Pudding Flavor

Here are some pudding flavors with a delicious taste and of course according to the Indonesian tongue.

  • Chocolate flan pudding
  • Pudding flan manga
  • Vanilla flan pudding
  • Mango Mix
  • Mix Strawberry
  • Vanilla Mix
  • Mix chocolate
  • Bulki Pudding

Why People Love Pondan Instant Powder

Here’s information about some of the reasons why people love the instant powdered pudding which has become very popular in recent times.

Very Affordable Prices

It can be said that this instant powder has a very affordable price, making pudding with a budget of even only 20 thousand rupiahs can be done with this instant powder, especially since there are several packaged versions with different sizes. various that you can adjust to your needs.

Many Flavors Available

There are so many pudding flavors to choose from that it can be an instant powder that you stock up on at home. For the taste itself, you don’t need to doubt it, moreover there are serving instructions so that it will be easier to make.

Thus is information about the taste and advantages of the pondan instant powder pudding which is the best solution in making delicious pudding.

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