7 Common Nastar Mistakes

Common Nastar Mistakes – Pondan.com – Nastar cookie enthusiasts surely have thought of making their favorite cookie themselves at least once. Aside from enjoying these pineapple-filled cookies at any time, not having to wait for the day of Eid has its own satisfaction. Although from recipes to video tutorials on how to make nastar cookies can be found on the internet or cookbooks, there are still those who find it difficult to make nastar cookies. Here are some mistakes that often occur when making nastar cookies.

Common Nastar Mistakes

Over mixing

Common Nastar Mistakes

Over mixed dough will cause cookies to become dense and hard. Basically, nastar dough should not be combined with a mixer. A wooden spatula or whisk is effective enough for mixing nastar ingredients.

Using Jam from a Jar

Common Nastar Mistakes

The preservative pineapple jam that’s found in supermarkets has a sweet taste and its consistency tends to be watery. Meanwhile, nastar cookies require pineapple jam that is both sweet and tart with a solid consistency. So it’s better to make your own pineapple jam to get the right flavor and consistency. If you’ve already bought a jar of jam, you can heat it first by cooking the jam until the liquid runs out.   

Uncovered Jam  

The portions of pineapple jam should be less than the nastar dough. If there is too much, the dough will not be able to cover the entire jam filling. To make it easier, shape the pineapple jam into small balls first. This not only makes the portion of jam in each cookie equal, but also speeds up the process of filling the dough.

The nastars are different sizes

If a nastar dough is larger than the others, they will not bake evenly, while a smaller dough may bake too fast or burn. To avoid this problem, roll the nastar dough to get the same thickness, then cut it with a cookie cutter or small glass.

Burnt Cookies

Too high of a temperature will make the dough bake too fast or even burn. The solution – preheat the oven with a temperature of 160 to 175 degrees Celsius. Not only that, you should put the pan on the middle rack to get heat from all sides.  

Split or Cracked Cookies

The cause of this problem; probably pineapple jam that is too wet. It can affect nastar dough and crack while baking. So, the pineapple jam should be really dry to be easily formed so it does not make the dough wet.

Lack of Shine

Nastar should be brushed several times to get a shiny surface. Not only brushed before baking, but also brushed when they’re 3/4 cooked. For a prettier surface, add 2 tablespoons of honey to the mix.

Well, those are some mistakes that often occur in making nastar desserts. After reading this info, hopefully you can successfully create delicate and creamy nastar cookies. To make it easier, use Fruit Jam Cookie Mix from Pondan. It just needs three additional ingredients that can be found in the kitchen and the recipe also is very easy to follow. Great taste guaranteed. Let’s make nastar cookies with Pondan!


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