No Hoax, Review of Original Whip Cream from Pondan For some people, making their own whip cream does take a long time, hasn’t failed, and doesn’t use up ingredients. Even though whip cream or whipped cream can be used for various types of food and drinks.

With these problems, Pondan presents whip cream flour that is no less delicious than made manually. So if you have the same problem, which is hours of making whip cream, this is the right review article.

Once again, this is an honest review and not a promotion or bad-mouthing any other product.

  1. In terms of texture, Pondan’s whip cream flour has a very fine texture, similar to powdered sugar and flies when poured into a container. So when it is dissolved it will be faster than other products.
  2. In terms of fragrance, this pondan whip cream flour has a very pungent smell, similar to the smell of cream that is usually found in the middle of a biscuit. The smell pierces the nose and makes the stomach hungry.
  3. In terms of durability, the shelf life of this foundation whip cream is also longer when compared to other relatively melted products such as ice cream. If the foundation is stiffer, even then if you measure the ice correctly.
  4. In terms of taste, if you look at the actual taste of this pondan whip cream, you have to add a little sugar or milk because it’s not sweet enough. That was because they didn’t want to give it too much sweetness.
  5. In terms of the whipping time, the good thing about this whipped cream is that it doesn’t take long to beat. It only takes seven or eight minutes, the cream is sturdy and can be mixed into cakes or drinks.
  6. In terms of results, this foundation produces a lot of cream in just seven minutes, while other products are usually less and take longer to beat.
  7. In terms of price, this product has a fairly cheap price and can be found in various supermarkets or grocery stores around you.

So what are you waiting for, you don’t need to beat it for a long time. You can get the whip cream you want. It’s definitely pondan whip cream, easy, cheap and high quality.

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