Pancake Cooking Tips Guaranteed Success – Consuming pancakes can be the right food for any time and not only for breakfast, but also can be eaten anytime when you are hungry or just as a snack to delay hunger in the midst of busy activities. To be able to cook delicious pancakes with the right texture, it is necessary to know what are the tips for cooking pancakes that need to be considered properly so that they can produce pancakes according to their tastes. Check out first what are the tips to be able to cook pancakes deliciously and also taste just right, as will be discussed in the following article.

Ensuring Baking Powder with the Right Size and Good Condition

The first thing that needs to be considered when tips on cooking pancakes is related to the use of baking powder used when cooking the dough from the pancake material that will be made earlier. Baking powder itself plays an important role because if you add too much it will damage the texture of the pancake itself and make it harder than it should be. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the baking powder used is also in good condition and has not expired so that later it can produce pancakes with the best texture and are ready to be enjoyed.

Using Buttermilk as a Choice of Dairy Ingredients to Make Pancakes

Other tips for cooking pancakes that can be used are still related to the ingredients for making the pancakes themselves, which is better choosing to use buttermilk compared to other regular milk. This is because the use of buttermilk itself is able to make the texture of the pancakes themselves softer and softer so that they become more delicious to eat at breakfast in the morning. Compared to regular milk, buttermilk is the most appropriate and good choice in order to make it softer and provide an unusual texture and is very suitable to be eaten together with various other types of toppings.

Avoid Mixing the Dough For Too Long

One of the keys to making good pancakes and one of the most important pancake cooking tips to know is related to how to knead the dough itself. It would be better if the dough is not stirred for too long because this will affect the texture itself. Definitely want to eat pancakes that have a soft texture so that if the dough is made too long, it will make the texture of the pancakes themselves become harder and chewy which makes them not too delicious to eat.

Add Sugar to the Dough with Adequate Measures

Regarding the tips for cooking pancakes, it actually follows the tastes of each of the pancake makers themselves, for example, whether they prefer to use sugar as a flavor enhancer or do they prefer not to add sugar. Indeed, most of the existing recipes do not add sugar to the mixture from the dough itself, but actually this can be adjusted according to individual tastes. It doesn’t matter if you want to add sugar as long as the amount is not excessive and just right to add sweetness to the existing pancakes and make them taste more delicious.

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