Pancake Mix Chocolate from PONDAN for Your Cake Dough Who knew that this pancake from Pondan, namely pancake chocolate, was one of the cake flours that was quite practical when you used it. The ease of using this flour will be able to provide quite delicious pancakes with an appetizing chocolate flavor

The pancake itself is a pancake made of several ingredients. The ingredients are mixed with water which then forms a dough that is thick enough to then be fried on a flat griddle or on a pan greased with butter.

But now you can make pancakes with your own creations from home and you can make snacks at your family’s house and then put them on the dessert menu for dinner.


The composition of this pancake flour is flour, powdered sugar, skimmed milk powder, corn flour, baking powder, chocolate flavour, salt and food coloring. Some of these compositions are a suitable blend to make your pancakes even more delicious.

How To Make

The first step is to mix chocolate pancakes with water, cocoa powder and eggs together and then beat the ingredients using a mixer. Next is to bake pancakes by pouring 1 tablespoon of batter into the telephone that you have heated

Don’t forget to flip the pancakes once the surface is hollow then lift. Now you need to do the greeting until the dough runs out. When finished, you need to put the pancakes on a plate and then add the topping according to your taste.

Those are some discussions that pertain to a variety of flour from PONDAN which you can specifically choose according to your needs. You can find this flour in the nearest marketplace and mini market.

Thus the discussion of this article about pancake chocolate from PONDAN and hopefully this discussion can provide useful information for those of you who need this.


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