Pay Attention to 5 Mistakes When Making Homemade Pondan Ice Cream Who doesn’t love ice cream? Of course, many people of all ages love ice cream. Even though you can make your own, there are still many mistakes you make when making Pondan ice cream at home.

Usually these errors are considered trivial or minor, but one error can affect the result later. So, what are these mistakes and how to make the right ice cream?

Not a few people are curious about what mistakes to pay attention to when making ice cream. The reason is, there are some mistakes that people often make when making ice cream so they fail.

Milk Selection

To make soft and dense ice cream, you usually use ice water or low-fat milk. Of course this is wrong, milk that contains low fat will be more difficult to freeze so the ice cream will fail.

Ingredient do not match

Another mistake that you can often make is an error in determining the dosage of ingredients. By using Magic Pondan ice cream at home it will be more practical and easy without worrying about the wrong dose.

The Excessive Shaking

It’s not uncommon for you to crave soft ice cream so you have to whisk the ingredients for a long time. The truth is, shake the ice cream ingredients until they are mixed, then immediately put in the freezer to freeze.

Not Cooling Bowl or Pan

Home-made ice cream can fail due to the effect of using a container or container for not refrigerating it first. Refrigerate the pan or bowl all day so the ice cream freezes more easily.

Not Using Magic Ice Cream Foundation

The biggest mistake is not using Pondan’s Magic Ice Cream to make homemade ice cream. The reason is, Pondan’s ice cream products have given the appropriate ingredients, various flavor variants, and you don’t have to worry about failure.

Those are the mistakes in making homemade ice cream which is quite easy and practical, especially using Pondan products. To buy Magic Pondan ice cream at home or for certain events, you can go through the marketplace platform or the nearest minimarket.

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