Pondan as Sponge Cake Pouch Mix Chocolate Material for you

pondan.com Here is a cake ingredient foundation to add to your cake enjoyment, namely sponge cake pouch mix chocolate which you can use as an ingredient in making sponge cake. Pondan provides this one composition for you, especially for mothers who like to make sponge cakes.

The existence of a special variation of this foundation will certainly help you when making sponge cakes with cake flour which are quite practical and the making will be able to produce cakes that are very soft, light, and bring out the fragrance of the taste here.


For the composition of the cake flour itself, it consists of wheat flour, corn flour, powdered sugar, powdered skimmed milk. Emulsifiers, baking powder, aroma from chocolate, cocoa powder and food coloring

Making Tips

For you, especially mothers who still don’t really understand how to make sponge cake using this flour, I will explain the tips that you can learn in the following explanation.

Heating the Oven

The first step is of course to preheat the oven and then use a baking pan which you can use directly without having to heat it first.

Materials are mixed

Next, beat the eggs for about 2 minutes until fluffy then you need to add the pondan cake sponge cake pouch mix chocolate then then shake until the dough expands and is thick white. Don’t forget to add the margarine that you have chilled and stir it evenly

Prepare the Baking Sheet

The final step is to prepare the baking sheet that you will use as a dough mold by greasing the margarine first before adding the dough. After that cook until cooked for then you can enjoy it.

How to Make Butter Cream

For those of you who want to make butter cream, just prepare white butter, margarine, sweetened condensed milk and powdered sugar. You mix these ingredients and shake for about 15 minutes until thick white

PONDAN sponge cake pouch mix chocolate can be found at your nearest mini market or marketplace.

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