PONDAN Develops STIKKU Student Entrepreneurship

PONDAN Develops Student Entrepreneurship

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PONDAN Kembangkan Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa

In an effort to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship in the STIKes Kuningan, the public health study program invited PT. PONDAN representatives to invite students in the future to become entrepreneurs in all fields of interest in both health, economics and business.

Entrepreneurship practice activities from PT. PONDAN took place quite enthusiastically and were attended by a students in the second semester of Public Health study program at the STIKes Kuningan hall, Wednesday (07/30)

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship in Public Health Study Program, Dr.Hj. Mamlukah, S.KM, M.KM said that the presence of representatives from PT. PONDAN to the STIKKU campus was in order to strengthen learning as well as entrepreneurial practices for students.

“Practical activities that are followed by students in the STIKKu hall are in order to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of students so that in the future they become successful entrepreneurs in their fields.”

Meanwhile, the representative of PT. PONDAN Dadang revealed that his party would follow up for cooperation with STIKKu both for land use practices / student internships and as resource persons at other campus activities. (PR)

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