Pondan Ice Cream Product Reviews

pondan.com Ice cream is indeed a food for all people, not only children who like to eat ice cream but adults and even parents also really like to eat ice cream. Although the price of ice cream is quite expensive, you can overcome this by making your own ice cream at home using pondan products.

Not only will you save the cost of buying ice cream but also many other advantages that you will experience, especially if you use products from pondan in making it. For that, you can listen to the following information about ice cream made from pondan as one of the most popular brands.

Foundation Product Benefits

Although there are many instant ice cream brands, but pondan still has its existence in this regard, here are the advantages offered by pondan products.

Instant Creation

The first advantage is that you can make ice cream in a very instant and practical way of course, you only need to prepare ice cream powder pondan product then mix it with ice stone and milk if you want it sweet then mix the powder until it finally gets a soft texture like ice cream.

It’s Delicious

As for the taste of the ice cream itself, you don’t need to doubt it anymore because it tastes so delicious, this is because of the super premium ice cream mixture that produces an unparalleled delicious taste. Starting from the taste of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, to the taste of Oreos, you can taste it so deliciously in large quantities with only 1 pack of pondan powder.


If you usually make your own ice cream, there is a big enough chance of failure, so for this product from this foundation, you don’t have to be afraid of feeling a failure if you follow the instructions for use correctly.< /p>

Thus information about the advantages of ice cream powder pondan products that you can find in minimarkets and marketplaces very easily and of course at an affordable price.</p >

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