Pondan Melon Pudding Bulky, Making Mix Melon Pudding With Large Amounts

pondan.com Are you planning to make large quantities of melon pudding for an event or other purposes? So choosing bulky melon pudding from Pondan was the right choice, because this bulky pudding mix melon from Pondan has more content because it is available in 800 gram packs.

Using bulky Pudding Pondan will certainly make you more economical when making large quantities of pudding. This is because pudding is still a favorite dessert or dessert that is liked by almost everyone. So do not be surprised if almost every event always provides pudding as dessert.

The process of making your own pudding is actually not difficult, especially if you use instant pudding from pondan. You can make melon pudding from Pondan based on your imagination and creativity. Here are some melon pudding creations that you can emulate.

Some Melon Pudding Creations

Because you are using bulky melon pudding from Pondan which has a lot of content, it will be perfect for you to make various experiments to create this pudding. The following are some examples that might be used as a reference.

1. Oreo Melon Pudding

An example of the first melon pudding creation that you can imitate is the Oreo melon pudding. The ingredients needed are Pondan melon pudding, chocolate milk, and Oreos. You can make pudding first, then put it in the mold and wait for it to be half done.

After that cook chocolate milk, mix a little pudding powder. After it’s finished cooking, put it in the mold containing the semi-finished pudding, then don’t forget to add the Oreos that have been prepared.

2. Melon Milk Pudding

Milk pudding is also one of the most popular puddings. Therefore, you can make melon milk pudding as a reference for your melon pudding creations. Besides that, you can also add fruits such as kiwi when making the milk melon pudding

3. Flax Melon Pudding

You can also make melon pudding with Fla sauce to make it even more delicious to eat. To make Fla melon pudding with Pondan melon pudding it will be very easy, because in the Pondan pudding package there is Fla sauce powder that you can use.

So, those are some melon pudding creations using bulky melon pudding from Pondan. Enough of the discussion here this time, you can make the 3 creations limited as a reference for creating melon pudding. That’s all from me, thank you.

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