Pondan Passcafe’s Original Style Coffee Shop

pondan.com In recent years various coffee shops which serves drinks with various processed coffees, which have various types and flavors. Sometimes, not only a variety of coffee drinks are served, but also various kinds of juices, processed teas, and various other types of drinks are also provided.

The prices sold also vary, depending on the type, taste, processing method, and the ingredients used. However, if we can make our own coffee shop style drink, it will certainly be a source of pride and satisfaction for those who make it. Because in addition to the taste that we can adjust, on the other hand it will also make our pockets more efficient because we don’t have to bother coming and buying a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Interested in making coffee-style drinks? But confused how to do it? You can also make coffee shop-style drinks at home with coffee products from Pondan, namely Pondan Passcafe Original.

Here are the ingredients and how to make it:

Materials needed:

  • 1 small box of coconut delight liquid milk or according to your taste
  • 2 sachets of nescafe classic coffee
  • 2 sachets of brown sugar
  • 4 sachets of creamer
  • Hot water to taste or 250 ml
  • Just enough ice

How to make it:

  • Mix the prepared ingredients, namely coffee, brown sugar, and creamer into hot water
  • Then the mixed ingredients are stirred until smooth, to speed up the mixing process you can also use a blender for maximum results
  • Enter 1 pack of liquid milk that has been prepared before
  • Stir again until smooth
  • Add enough ice
  • And enjoy your Pondan Passcafe Original coffee a la coffee shop made by you

How? Easy and interesting right? So you no longer need to leave the house to just enjoy coffee. You can have a relaxing coffee while watching Netflix at home.

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