Pondan Pudding Mix The Best Choice For Your Pudding Ingredients

pondan.com Who is happy with pudding which is often a favorite dish for the whole family and is even perfect for you to serve as dessert. So it’s no wonder why pudding is always there every time there is a big family event, even at weddings, it’s almost always there.

Those of you who quite like this one food will taste incomplete if you don’t try to make it directly at home. Therefore, the recommended material for those of you who want to try making pudding is to have a special mixture for your pudding.

Pondan Pudding Mix As an ingredient that you can mix in your pudding mix, it’s very suitable, which is quite easy and also a fast way of serving. Moreover, if it is equipped with Vla sauce, it makes pondan pudding as a dish that is quite delicious and suitable to be enjoyed in any atmosphere.

The composition of this pudding is the addition of powdered sugar, skim milk powder, carrageenan, agar powder, salt, cocopandan aroma and food coloring. In addition to the vla sauce composition, there are powdered sugar, powdered skim milk, modified starch, salt and a delicious vanilla aroma for your pudding combination.

For those of you who don’t know how to make pudding, you can follow the simple tips for making pudding. The first step is to boil 500cc of water first, don’t forget to reduce the heat then add the pondan pudding mix into the boiling water and mix well.

The next step is to pour it into the pudding mold and let it cool and put it in the refrigerator until it hardens, then after that the pondan pudding is ready to be served. Mix 200cc of water along with the powdered vla sauce and stir until blended until it boils, still stirring. Remove and cool then you can use the vla sauce for your pudding combination.

This is the discussion regarding the best choice pondan pudding mix for your pudding ingredients and you can find this product in several supermarkets and marketplaces near you.</p >

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